Thursday, January 23, 2014

Swimming in January. Don't mind if they do.

As of today we are on our fourth snow day for the week, so I think we are now at a total of seven days. So that's gonna be fun come the end of May. 

And yes, people that work in the school system are spoiled.

But let me tell you about something that was legit fun...

Swimming in January? SIGN US UP PLEASE.

And celebrate this boy? But of course! We got invited to a swimming party for Luke and we were pumped!

But when I say sign US up, I actually mean someone else can get in the pool with the kids, because I'M NOT GETTING INTO A SWIMMING SUIT IN JANUARY.

Thankfully Blake took one for the team.

And us moms just got to watch all the fun from the sidelines.

And it really was such a treat for the kids to swim in January. 

And a treat for me to attempt to get a group shot...

As good as I could get. I'll take it.

Happy Birthday, Luke!


Hillary said...

What an awesome treat!! I love that cake. Grady would flip out for that!


Jami said...

Awesome idea for a winter party. And you are on lucky gal cause I would have had to get in the pool with my kids.