Monday, January 6, 2014

The rest of 2013

I've decided that my kids will think Indiana ONLY means fun

Cause pretty much all we ever do there is play.

If for some reason we ever move back to Indiana they will be in for a rude awakening

You mean we have to work and go to school here?

It is always one big fun-town, where we seem to have the motto, LET'S CRAM IN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

And not just for the chirren, I get to have fun too. You know like mom and I meeting Jo at a nice restaurant. (See what I did there?)

And once the sickness subsided with the Reid's, finally hanging out with mah bestie.

So we could finally exchange Christmas gifts

And I could wonder how she can make one eyeball stick out like that.

But you know it was finally time to say goodbye, time to get home and get back to life. 

As much as I hate goodbye, I was glad to get home and get into my routine because I'm old like that.

I'm ready for the new year! Whoop!

P.S. 2014 is the year I turn 40.


Susie said...

Always fun getting to spend time with friends and family!!

Jami said...

Indiana is fun for you! But when you do move back, we will keep it a big ol' party.