Friday, February 21, 2014

A special package

So I've had a tragedy at my house. 

A tragedy of epic proportions. 

My Keurig died :( 


But yesterday, a special package arrived....

And we all gathered around it like we had never seen a package before.

And I took poor quality photos like I don't own a real camera. But you see that beaut? That's my NEW Keurig that my in-laws sent to me! Such a sweet surprise! And I'm ready to replace my old one like right NOW, because I move on fast like that.

While Paul was setting up my new love the kids decided to play in the box.

Kinda sweet to see them do something simple like that.

But enough with the box...

Because I have a new coffee maker to break in. HOLLA! Thank you, Pam and Tom!


pambush said...

It was worth it to see your face AND for the kids to have a box to play in. :) We love you.

Susie said...

We love ours!! You have the same one as us!

Jami said...

That was very sweet. Glad you got your coffee, I'm sure Paul and the kids were ready to move out :)