Thursday, February 20, 2014


On Monday morning, when I was sure I was dying a slow death, we crammed ourselves into a hot gym to watch a little performance by our jumpers. 

This performance was a little more nerve wracking for the kids because they weren't just performing in front of their parents, but their peers too.

Nerves were really strong

 But once they all got going you really couldn't tell.

Of course I was excited to watch both Pierce and Hope, but I was maybe a little more excited for Hope since she missed out performing the last time.

This was her big moment, and she kept telling me how nervous she was.

Funny how small she looked in that gym, especially hanging out with the "big girls."

 But being small doesn't seem to stop her from bossing anyone around.

There was some sort of drama, but she seemed to handle it pretty well.

And perform she did!

She's good!

Sorry the video is far away, but check out her little feet going every which away! She's the furthest on the left...

And then theirs speedy gonzales.

They have really loved this jumpin' thing

And they seem to love the performance part too. (Hope scouring the crowd not for me, but for her friends. Of course)

Oh, and I wasn't dying, but I did have an ear/sinus infection, so close enough.


Jami said...

So cute! And Hope, she is so tiny!

I had my volume down but re-watched with it up, I was a little disappointed I didn't hear crazy momma screams on it :)

Susie said...

Good job!!

Tracey said...

They are sooo good!!!!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

only hope would jump in a headband with bow. adorbs!!!