Monday, February 10, 2014

There's a new Robinson

So on Saturday night my brother got married. 

I guess I'm just jumping right to the news, but I'm not really sure how else to do it.  My brother is now married. For various reasons we could not make it up to the wedding, so all I have to show you are pictures my mom sent to me from her phone. 

Of course since I was not there, I can only guess on how it all went down, so bear with me while I make stuff up. 

I do know that the wedding was a secret. There was an event at their church that had people already there, and at the end of said event, Chris and Teresa just went up on stage and got married! 

Family knew they were getting married but that was it. There's my nephew Christopher, on the left of my brother, and Teresa's son on the right in the black shirt.

They wrote their own vows.

I would assume full of mushy sentiments.

Oh and the pastor knew about it, of course.

Bummed I missed it.

And always bummed when I miss seeing my family...

So it's official, there's a new Robinson in the family. Buckle up Teresa, we crazy.

Congratulations guys!


Hillary said...

Wow! What a fun way to having a wedding! Who doesn't like an awesome surprise like that! Congratulations to the happy couple!


Susie said...

Congratulations to them!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

WOW! What a surprise!! FUN!

Jami said...

I didn't know it was a surprise wedding. How neat!
Really sorry you couldn't make it up. :(

Lynne and Nick said...

that is fun! (and looks like they had cake at my fave coffee shop :)).

Jan Moyer said...

It's pretty novel to have a "surprise wedding" - I like that.
Sorry you didn't get to eat any cake, though. Bummer.

Jaime Mac said...

Surprise wedding? Oh, I'm breaking out in hives as I type! Hate you missed it, but I did enjoy your 'while I make stuff up' comment. Hilarious!
Congrats to the spur of the moment newlyweds... off to take a benadryl...