Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm a lovely Valentine

I went to work prepared to see and most importantly smell a deluge of flowers on Valentines Day. 

But did I honestly understand just how many flowers I would be helping handle on Friday? 

Not a chance. 

This was at 9:00. A.M.

Every few minutes more would come in.

To the point that the floor had to be used

Because all the tables were full.

These are kids in high school

Pretty shocked that high school kids get this much stuff!

But it was a fun day, and I enjoyed being in the thick of all the squeals and ooooooohs and ahhhhhhs.

And I was even part of the squeals myself when Paul surprised me at work.

And I in return have spent the weekend sick so he can take care of me.

I'm a lovely Valentine like that.


Jaime Mac said...

This is insanity... When I saw your pics on Twitter I was first like, "Wow-those teachers must have ppl who REALLY love them"... then I remembered it's high school... & stupid high schoolers send the other stupid high schoolers they LOVE lots of STUFF. :)
Isn't it funny as an adult to laugh at the stupid things kids do? (Not that we EVER did crazy stuff like that. NEVER.)

Jaime Mac said...

Also-sorry to hear you were sick all weekend. Boo hiss!

Jaime Mac said...

Also-sorry to hear you were sick all weekend. Boo hiss!

Susie said...

Wow that's unbelievable!! Hope you feel better soon!!

Jill said...

OMGosh. . .THE FLOWERS!!! That is unreal. You are a BEAUTIFUL Valentine. Sorry to hear you've been sick.

Jami said...

I still think that is crazy for kids in high school.
Does your card say hot?