Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm not trying to abduct my own son

So was the weather amazing Saturday or what?

I would pretty much call it PERFECT, and the kids agreed with me. They begged me to roll the windows down, and it was like, oh yeah we are freeeeeeee

Saturday in general was pretty perfect for Hope.

Paul decided he would take her to see Frozen, again. Oh me, cue the little girl EXCITEMENT. Paul hadn't seen in yet, and you know how it is when you love something and you just want the whole world to experience it with you? Well her going with her daddy was perfection.

Of course I demanded asked for pictures.

Um, look how little her hand looks drinking that water bottle, it's still sort of chubby and everything. You know what that does to a mommy? It ruins her. In a good kind of mommy way.

So yes, fun date with daddy.

This left time for Pierce and I just to hang out, and I was really excited. We rarely get time just the two of us, so it was extra sweet.

I threw around a few ideas, and you know what he wanted to do? GO ON A RUN. Really?


And off he went into the sunset. Literally.

We made it up to the pool, and got all sentimental for what's to come.

But I had a hideous great idea, and we went and cleaned out the car. I'm a blast like that.

But I rewarded him with something he loves.

He frequently asks when we get close to home, to get out of the car and run home. I don't get it, but he thinks it fun, so whatever.

As he was running beside me while I slowly followed with him, it dawned on me how this could look to others:

A) What kind of cruel mom makes her son get out of the car and run home while her lazy rear sits in the car?!

B) OH MY GOSH, this child is being chased by a stranger who wants to abduct him!!! Someone call the police!!

The po-lice might come knocking one day wondering what kind of sick mom I am.

Thankfully I have a strong alibi.


Blake said...

I was dying laughing!!

Susie said...

That is to cute!! That is good that Pierce loves to run!! Love that Hope wanted to go see the movie with her dad!!

Jessica said...

What a great family day!

Tracey said...

Daddy daughter date- cute!

Hilarious about Pierce running!! You are like a pedifile...!

Jami said...

I love the daddy/daughter date. So cute!

And, I would have totally called the cops on you :)
I can't believe you are wearing camo.