Friday, February 7, 2014

Enough with the snow days

I think we are now up to snow day 8? And I know that most everyone is in the same boat as us, just counting their summer days goodbye.

I enjoy them in the moment of sleeping in and being a little lazy with the kids...

But like any typical woman human, I'm never completely happy with my circumstances. We try and make the most of all these days at home, INSIDE..

Like manicures (and examining our crooked finger genes)

And lots of girlie time.

But mainly all these snow days are good for games.

And we've brought out some oldies.

I think the kids are LOVING all this attention.

But daddy and I agree, enough with the snow days. Mmmmm, k?


Susie said...

I agree!! I've had enough of snow days!!

Tracey said...

I hate snow.

Jami said...

I'm gonna break up with winter.

Alicia Mcafee said...

1. FUN weekend with T! :)

2. Pierce's hair! OMG!

3. That camping picture is priceless!! I can't wait!

Kerry said...

Hey Gretchen! It feels like forever since I popped over here to say hi to you, I am finally getting back into blogging after my unintentional hiatus! I cannot even begin to imagine a 'snow day', it sounds so fun to me, I would love to experience it!! Currently we are melting from the inside out :( Looking forward to keeping up with you again this year, can you believe it is February already?? Crazy...have a good week :)