Monday, May 26, 2014

About my visit with Tracey and how APPLE is superior

You know how hipsters think they are better than everyone? Like they are more authentic or something? Well I suppose there are all kinds of elitist groups like that and I'm ashamed to report that I do happen to fall into at least one elitist category: A MAC ELITIST.
I come by it honestly from my father, and it's true, Apple products are superior.
So it is with a sad heart that I have to report that my hard drive lost it's battle last week and we said our goodbyes.
So here I am using my husbands PC and feeling all sad. Well maybe not sad, but highly confused. However I know that my tens of readers are clamoring for updates, so ima make it work. (YOU'RE WELCOME PARENTS)
I did have lots of updates planned with lots of pictures downloaded on my APPLE, but seeing as I can't use that right now, I'm basically starting from scratch.
LUCKY FOR YOU, I did have a fun weekend and I did actually force my husband to teach me learn how to download some pictures from said fun weekend.
Tracey came to see me!! 

Maybe one of these days we'll scale the Andes mountains or wrestle alligators, but we all know that our visits are usually pretty typical.

I yawn and roll my eyes whilst Tracey takes hours to make decisions.

And I laugh the entire weekend at how funny she is.

Of course there's always time for me to decide which MK purse I'm going to buy.

Like how I held them like they might possibly explode at any given moment?

I don't even know.

But the fantastic thing about our "typical" visits is that we love them.

We have fun doing the same things. We have fun just being together.

And it always does my soul good to be with someone who loves me just for me.

Editors note: It took me four fits and 25 minutes to finish this tiny post.. I MISS YOU APPLE.


Hillary said...

Ermergerd. I LOVE that second MK purse pic you posted! I'm so sorry to hear about your computer :(. My last computer crashed and I had to use my MIL's APPLE and I thought that I might diiiiieeeeee..... :)

I got your tweet. I guess if I ever blogged you would be able to still see my imaginary posts :). You must help me with the twitter. I am old and confused by it :).

Happy Memorial day!

Susie said...

Oh man I would be lost without my computer too!! You did good making do with Paul's.

Jami said...

The computer hard drive is tragic.
Fun weekend! $1 a day and you can have that purse in less than a year :)

Jan Moyer said...

You two are so cute.
Macs rule. I mourn for you.