Thursday, May 8, 2014


Monday night was the final jump rope performance for our Jumpin' Jaguars. 

The kids have jumped for almost an entire school year.

And considering I can't jump for one minute I find this very impressive.

I was so glad that Hope was able to perform. She had missed two previous performances this year due to being sick, so she was super excited.

As he is with most things, Pierce was a little more calm about it all.  But he does tell me he wants to do it again next year.

Hope had some time to kill while waiting to double-dutch

And the music took over while she was waiting..

And you know what happens when the music takes you over, you just gotta dance. I FEEL YOU HOPE.

For realsly, this has been a great program and I am so glad they have participated. 

And Hope is glad because it means she received her first ever medal. 

And for the grandparents who wished they could see them perform here are two videos, one of which I cannot get turned the other way. So just turn your head and pretend. :-) 


Susie said...

What great jobs they did!! That is such great exercise!!

Jaime Mac said...

They have some serious jump ropin' skillz! (See how I made it ghetto for you?)
Their jumps are impressive!!!!

Jami said...

Hope is so tiny out there and that girl can jump!