Friday, May 2, 2014

Class of 2025

Hopie poo had a field trip this week and thankfully I was able to tag along. This was my first field trip with her, so I think we were both pumped. 

We had a perfectly mild day to learn about birds and stuff.

Some of what we learned was sorta gross, as Hope's facial expression clearly explains.

But who cares, there were BFFL's to hang with (bffl's is the expression that kids use these days, BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE)

And they really are the sweetest little things.

Tickles me how Hope is almost always the smallest...(girl on right here towers over her)

But she does have a few friends even smaller than her.

Little girls sure do have drama

But they also seem to enjoy each other immensely.

SO glad I was able to join in this fun event.

Class of 2025.

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Susie said...

So nice you got to go along!!