Friday, July 11, 2014

I hate goodbyes.

I do not do goodbyes well, in fact I'm terrible at them. Just ask Jami about the time I came to say goodbye to her before we moved to BG, "Well this is it Jami, I love you and well, SEE YA" as I quickly ran out the door.

It's just how I cope. And when it came time to saying goodbye to Pam and Tom I sort of did the same thing. "So you are leaving, okay, well bye!" Just rip the band aid off quickly I say, and run away if need be, well because I hate goodbyes.  

My kids seem to have caught the same thing, except they just let their feelings out. There was much crying and pain. They are going to miss their game buddies.

A week of play equals some happy children.

And silly children.

Every single day there was some sort of game playing

And lots of laughter.

And even patience as Grandpa took the time to teach Pierce a very hard card game.

I gave up quick on that game, but Pierce never did.

I'm sure they will always fondly remember all the games they play.

And I will always fondly remember all the time they spent entertaining them.

But alas our time is over.

We can't wait till our next visit, and praying it's not another YEAR.


Susie said...

It is sad to say good-bye!!I hate goodbyes!!

Jessica said...

Your kids have some great grandparents !

Jami said...

I agree, you are bad with goodbyes, but I still love you :)