Monday, July 7, 2014

Reunited at last

The last time that we were with Meemaw and Grandpa (Paul's parents, Tom and Pam) was almost exactly a year ago. 

A YEAR! Now that is a long time. TOO LONG. 

Insert an entire year, a move from Michigan to Wisconsin, and we were finally about to see our family. 

It's always those last few moments before they arrive that anticipation is at it's highest. Waiting is the worst. 

But then again, waiting is the best, because then you finally get what you want.

Reunited at last!

We've been talking and we don't ever remember spending a Fourth of July together, but we can't say that anymore.

The weather was perfect for the Fourth, like crazy town perfect.

We grilled, we hung outside, and it was just perfect.  (Let me see if I can work the word perfect in again.)

Hope couldn't be left out throwing with Grandpa.

Dress and all.

We flipped and flopped about what to do for fun, and my "let's go downtown" idea didn't seem to work out. (that was not perfect, insert bored children)

But once we came back home and just hung out, we were all happy.

It really is the simple things.

Like just being happy to be together. 

These are the days.


Jan Moyer said...

Hanging out back, visiting in the kitchen - some of the best memories are created when we don't really try.

Susie said...

Wow a whole year without Meemaw and Papaw. I would die without my grandkids. Glad you all made some great memories.

Jami said...

They've grown so much!! Glad y'all had a good time!

Jaime Mac said...

Your in laws moved to Wisconsin? Wow-that's crazy far away. Most importantly-will Rico & pierce be able to shoot guns there?