Friday, July 25, 2014

In which we had more visitors

Soaking it in. 

Trying to enjoy every little detail of the last Summer moments before I am back in the routine of work.

Besides just snuggles and play, we've also had some special visitors. (FYI: Jami was only over for half of a day, even though she packed enough to stay forever and become a sister wife)

Kids can never get enough of friend time.

Hope is always especially excited when there is a girl to play with.

Brittany was sweet and said we could come crash their place.

Their house is just set up for kid fun.

She usually has a crew at her place.

And kids always just make themselves at home.

Even invading the freezer.

But back to playing...

Hope finally had the chance to play Barbies with Maggie. And how could Maggie not want to play with one-armed Barbies? (One-armed Barbies are a result of an obsession with Bethany Hamilton and Soul Surfer. Looks a little horrifying though, doesn't it?)

But of course the highlight is the pool.

"Hey mom, judge our cannon ball contests!"

Over and over until they are exhausted, and the moms are too.

But I guess that's Summer isn't it? This wonderfully fun, yet exhausting time of year.

And even though I'm sure I'm the only one counting, 6 days left.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

The Bethany Hamilton Barbies are the best thing I've seen on the Internet ALL WEEK. Kudos.

Susie said...

Looks like fun for all!!

Jaime Mac said...

Those Barbies are disturbing. DISTURBING.
Glad you got to hang out w/ all your gal pals! FUN! (also loved the 'Jami had enough stuff to become a sister wife'! Funny!)

Angie said...

Only 6 days left before your school starts? That's for the birds!

Looks like you all had a great time :)