Monday, July 28, 2014

These are my people

It's a tradition to visit the Zoo at least once during the Summer break.  Bowling Green is sort of situated between Louisville and Nashville, so we always have to decide which Zoo to visit. But seeing as most of our people are very close to Louisville, it's sort of a no-brainer.  

Eight kids, four women, and unlimited head counts all day. 

I kept telling Brittany, "this time next year, there will be another one!" Seeing as T, J, and G are done with the childbearing it's all up to B to keep adding to the group. (Or at least G better be done adding more offspring.)

Considering it's nearing the end of July, the temps could not have been more perfect.

Low-humidity and a nice breeze.

And other than the cats, who are almost always sleeping when we visit the Zoo, most of the animals were all up and very active.

In fact I don't ever remember getting such close-ups to some of the animals.

And the Polar Bear was in special rare form. He was busy playing and throwing a toy that he would then dive after and get.

We must have stood there and watched him for a good 15 minutes..

The kids laughed and screamed each time he dove after that toy. Such fun!

Another thing that the Louisville Zoo has that Nashville doesn't is a splash pad. Sure it was loaded up with twenty-hundred kids, but I was in serious thoughts of knocking the kids around so I could get in.

 But you know probably the highlight of the visit was this silly wagon, all the kids either wanted to:

A) Sit in it.

B) Pull it up the giant hills.

Kids are so simple at times.

Like, "hey mom, take my picture on this rock!"

Maybe that's not so much simplicity though as it is they are used to us taking eighty hundred pictures.

But how else do you remember all these moments? Moments that we have been sharing with these kids since they were just babies.

 I love watching all of them grow up. (And unfortunately our daughters appear here as if they have buzz cuts)

These are the days.

And these are my people.


Susie said...

I always a trip to the zoo. Glad everyone had fun!!

Jami said...

I like being your people.

Jaime Mac said...

What a fun time & GREAT weather! Glad you got some final friend time in for the summer!