Thursday, July 3, 2014

Until next time, it's a Camden sad face

I guess I should finally get around to finishing up talking about Indiana, seeing as I've been back for well over a week.

I've been wondering if Indiana dairy is like "hey why were our sales so awesome a couple weeks ago?"

Cause for realsy when we are around there's a legit increase in sales.

But I guess lots of things increase when we are around.

You know like SPOILING.

But what are grandparents for?

Biggest increase for us though is just family time.

We miss the opportunities to just hang out with each other.

 The kids are always begging to see their cousins.

But I get that

They are fun people.

I miss them all too.

Sometimes I carry on like we live in Afghanistan or something. I know it's only two hours away and I shouldn't be so dramatic, but still, I miss them and I am dramatic, ok?

So I get sappy.

I get reflective.

But mostly I just get thankful.

Thankful for family. And thankful for the memories we made.

So until next time, let's all join Camden in a sad face.

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Lynne and Nick said...

such sweet pictures! And in looking at your pics, I think I live about 5 mins from your parents!! Small world! :) Have a great 4th!