Monday, July 14, 2014

My spontaneous sister

I text my sister first thing every morning, you know just to check in and make sure she's okay. We generally text throughout the day and usually cover a few important topics such as: the weather, what's for dinner, and what the plans are for that evening. We sound hideously boring, but we're not. Okay, maybe we are. 

Anyways, so on Friday she asked me one of the usual questions: Plans this weekend? I remember I answered her and then set the phone down for a while to do some stuff, so when I came back and saw her mention coming down, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Now here's a little fact about Jo, she's very spontaneous. And a little fact about me, I'm not. So when I asked her when she might come, she flipped and flopped about when, what time, etc. But then I finally got the word. Okay, we were set, she would be here Saturday morning. I can plan accordingly! 

But then remember, she's spontaneous.

Suddenly at 8:30 Friday night she texts me this....

My non-spontaneous eyes may have bugged out for a brief second. Notice she told me to stay up? She knows me well. I was in my pajamas already, and may have actually been considering bed, but once I found out she was on her way I perked up.  I had a sister visit soon!

She was only here for about 24 hours, so we swam and crammed in a trip downtown.

 There was some sort of car show going on.

It was a very quick visit, but we loved having her here.

I'm thankful for my spontaneous sister!


Jami said...

That's really sweet and she has one adult child and one almost adult child, she can be spontaneous like that.

Susie said...

That was nice!!