Thursday, July 17, 2014

Not left as orphans

This here is our small group. With all of us, including children, we don't appear so small do we? 

We meet about twice a month, and Paul is our fearless leader.

We study together.

We pray together.

We laugh and cry together.

And just do life together.

Life that is taking some to China to adopt an orphan.

The ladies of our group all prayed over a doll that Cindy had made for sweet Emaline and Brittany. We also wrote notes for Brittany to read and I'm sure one day share with Emaline. We surprised Brittany with the doll at our last social and she was completely shocked.

Just as you do a pregnancy journey with a friend, we are all a part of this adoption journey with Brittany and Blake. It's starting to feel like they are in their final trimester and we are all about to meet this little girl.

THIS little girl right here. Just as God doesn't leave us as orphans,  Emaline Joy An will not be left an orphan. She is prayer for, loved, talked about, and she's not even here yet.

Just wait little girl. You have no idea....

For this child I have prayed-I Samuel 1:27