Monday, February 4, 2013

Every Saturday

Every Saturday you will find us at the gym, watching our children do their thing. 

Hope is really enjoying cheering.

As am I.

Other than misplacing something each week, this week her hair bow, it's very easy to watch, and quite enjoyable for momma.

And watching Pierce is enjoyable as well.

That is until he starts to actually play. 

And I may have taken to twitter Saturday to vent. 

Why is it difficult for us mothers to watch our children play sports? 

Or is it just me?

I just want to "help" him is all.

You know, knock around the kids that I think are being too aggressive. (See, I was so distraught I said IN the court, instead of on the court.)

And I do realize that I am highly dramatic. 

Uh hello, drama class for the win!

But you know, I never really would do these things to Pierce, I just like to think about it.

I know sportsmanship is all part of growing up.

But still, when you see your child get knocked down or miss a shot, you just want to make it all better.

But #14 is actually doing really great! He scored 10 points their last game! Woot!

But my dramatics do get me some feedback.


But the best part of the games for me?

Watching my boy have fun with his friends.


Hillary said...

Have you seen that commercial where that mom is at school with her son and fixing his hair in the hallway and blocking him in PE dodgeball?? Graham and I both laugh at that because that IS SO ME.

Anonymous said...

It's very hard to breath after reading all the tweets, I man this is so you!! Some of your friends are in your camp for sure. Wonderful!

Alicia Mcafee said...

I loved your tweets!! I want to run out and give them a snuggle too!!!

Susie said...

As a mother we want our children to do good and feel like they accomplished something. Good going Pierce and Hope!!

Jami said...

You were cracking me up Saturday, loved it!
Does Hope cheer for Pierce's team?