Friday, February 8, 2013

We all survived.

Before I get to my grand post, G wants to give a shout-out to working moms. 

I've worked a lot more than normal lately, and here's my conclusion: I don't know how moms do this day-in-and-day-out. Granted, I am a wimp, but I still must tip my hats to you mothers who work outside the home, along with inside the home. It's not for chumps.


Yesterday after I got the kids home from school I knew we just had to play outside for while. It was a nice day yesterday, with the temps right at 65 degrees and just downright beautiful!

So we pondered what we should do. 

 We, could just be cute

Or better yet, pout.

Lord knows I have some first-class pouters.

But the final decision we made was jumping rope.

The kids are crazy obsessed with this.

The first thing Hope does every morning when she gets out of bed is jump rope.  Seriously, can you imagine?

But like I said, we were there to jump rope.

And by we, I mean the kids. I was perfectly content just sitting on the sidelines watching.

But we means something different to the kids.



And if I'm nothing, I am usually up for doing whatever, even if does mean my son might have to practically hold me up so death wont take me. I mean have you jumped rope lately? DEATH.

But I'm happy to report, we all survived.


HilaryFarris said...

Hope with her tongue stuck in her cheek with every jump cracks me up, she is so cute! Pierce is one handsome young man, his eyes.. gorgeous!!

Tracey said...

I love it!! Maybe I should try jump roping now that I've conquered Zumba. ;)

Hillary said...

Wow, your kids are really good picture takers! You are awesome in the fact that you got out there with them and did it. Last week I was persuaded to jump on our trampoline and now I am convinced that I am old and have arthritis. (What it really means is that I am old and fat and need to spend like a hundred more hours jumping with my kids). Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Jessica said...

You are one awesome Mommy! Good exercise too!

Susie said...

What a great way to exercise!!

Kerry said...

Hahaha if I jumped rope as soon as I got out of bed I would have to get back in immediately after lol
Jumping rope is HARD work!! Especially with all the extra bits us women have ;)

Arthur Family said...

Go,G! I think I would have said no....You are an awesome mommy!

Jami said...

Way to go mommy! As long asthe kids are lovin it I'm sure you are too.