Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's answer some questions, shall we?

Tracey and I were discussing our blog funks, and decided we should do a blog-off topic, after all it has been a while!

Normally, Jaime was our blog-off ring leader, but she's taking a break (come back, Jaime!) so for now, I'm taking the lead.

Tracey had the idea of just answering some questions, and I remember Katherine doing something similar to this, so I went searching her blog and found the entire list here. I went through the entire list of questions, and just picked a few out. If you want to play along, please do!

1) What is your idea of a perfect day?

2) What is your favorite song and why?

3) Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

4) What will you never do?

5) What is the most desirable trait another person can possess?

6) Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

7) What is your earliest childhood memory?

8) Do you push the elevator button more than once? Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

9) Where else would you like to live? Why?

10) Is there ever a time when giving up makes sense?

Answer them all, or just one, doesn't matter to me! I will complete mine by Thursday, and I hope you play along too!


Tracey said...

Way better than "what's your favorite color?"!

The Utley Crew said...

Fun! I wil play along! :)

Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

That sounds fun! I'll play along!