Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thanks a lot, Pinterest.

I've kind of got this love/hate relationship with Pinterest. 

Sometimes I feel like it's just fun and inspirational, and yet, other times it makes me feel inferior. You know, like I should be doing all these things I see.

And as I settle in last night for a little look-see, I found myself suddenly feeling inferior yet again, about a holiday I really don't even care about. 

I was inundated with Valentines junk...

Should I be making these things for my kids?

Or maybe a beautiful sugar cookie?

And when I finish baking, maybe I should make a wreath!

And then in my spare time I will decorate a table for my Valentine.

And to top it all off?

A special Valentines outfit.


But maybe, just maybe, I will wear a tiara all day Thursday.....


Hillary said...

That tiara is just crazy awesomeness. Where ever did you get that? I know, my poor hubby and kiddos with get from only a "Happy Valentines Day!" and a big kiss. Pretty much the rest of the day (including dinner and decor) shall remain the same. I figure with as much time as I spent helping each child with their school valentines my "day of love" requirements have been filled :).

Hillary said...

I just realized how crappy I sounded just now. :) I may have to make some cupcakes or something. Haha.

Jami said...

I can be inferior with you. Just not into all that much,

Kerry said...

Hillary is too funny!!
I agree, I did nothing lol
So I don't win mum of the year award; because I didn't decorate, cut, glue, bake, sew...nothing! But my kids and husband know I love them ;)

Alicia Mcafee said...

That is very true!! I don't get on there very often because I just don't get into most of that crap!! I am ok with that though! :)