Thursday, February 7, 2013


I've decided I need to do a better job at documenting the kids, individually. 

You know, where they are in school, funny stuff they say, etc. 

And being that Pierce is my first born, I thought why not start here...

Well into second grade, and Pierce is really excelling. 

His teacher just said to me today, what a perfectionist he is, and while that is a great quality, sometimes it does cause him some frustration. Everything must be perfect!

But he comes home with lots of good reports, and I am very proud of his hard work.

Heck, he even knows he's excelling above me, and he's glad to point that out at times:

"Mom, today's math homework is fun, but I'm sure it will only confuse you."

But above his school work, I just love Pierce's heart.

He's a great son, and I hope he always knows how proud I am.


Hillary said...

My heart is just bursting for you :). What a sweet sweet boy. Great kids come from great parents. Just sayin'. :)


Susie said...

What a sweet & smart boy!!

Anonymous said...

You just can't understand the feelings.....grandparents view the world from a different prism. This is so deep seated in my innermost being it is hard to digest. He is an awesome child and as with each I ponder their lives into the future praying they will seek first The Lord and then desire the best for themselves and the willingness to work toward that end.

Pierce is so changing, sometimes you show a picture I don't even recognize, as with your first one on this post.

Jami said...

Such a sweet, handsome boy.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I love all of the handwritten pieces! Total treasures.

Hers and His said...

So sweet! I love the note to Dad! Precious