Friday, February 15, 2013

I did wear my tiara.

Another Valentines has come and gone....

We aren't that big into the holiday at our house, but with small children all holidays are exciting. 

And Hope was especially in for a treat.

We went over to Brittany's house on Wednesday night to hang out and play, we ended up staying so late that that I just gave my kids a bath over there. Brittany is always eager to fix Hope's hair, and she offered to braid it. 

Sadly, I do not know all these fancy braids, so this was a first for Hope.

And oh me, it was cute!

I remember my mom braiding my hair and I would sleep on it for the "wave" look.

I suppose if her hair were longer it would would hold more wave, but it was very cute.

 My two little Valentines were pumped for their parties!

Now that I have two in school, I switch off on whose party I go to, and this time it was Hope's turn. Seriously, how cute is kindergarten? I die.

But you better believe I scooted down to the second grade class too.

This is Pierce's best friend, and it's really a sweet friendship. I really hope they are still at the same school next year.

Now, I know I complained about how Pinterest makes me feel inferior.

And no, I didn't make anything heart shaped, I didn't ice a cookie, or crochet a blanket made of rare bird feathers.

But I did decorate a table for the husband and kids.

As I was at the store looking around, I noticed all the men shopping for flowers and chocolates, and suddenly the romance bug hit me.

So, here's my romance.

And the two smallest Valentines enjoyed it.

As did the oldest Valentine.


And just so you know...

I did wear my tiara.


Susie said...

Love the Valentine table!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Love the tiara!! :)

Jami said...

First up- where did you even get a tiarra?

Second- Love Hope's hair, super cute!

Third- love it that you decorated the table.

melanie said...

Love the tiara! You are beautiful