Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today I want to discuss my little Hopie. 

As far as her performance in school, she's doing really well. 

Her teacher says she's especially excelling in reading.

I'm not sure that Hope will be as much as a perfectionist as her brother, but I guess time will tell.

But considering what we go through everyday, I'm tickled pink at how well she's doing. 

Have I mentioned lately that Hope cries every.single.day about school?

Oh yes.

Hope is all about being with her family, ehem, at all times.

And everyday she tells me how much she misses me, and what a "long day it is momma."

What can I say? I guess we are just in love.


Jessica said...

So sweet. What a beautiful little girl she is

Susie said...

How sweet!!

Jami said...

She's beautiful, and I think it's sweet how much she wants to be with you.

Hers and His said...

I LOVE these pics! The first one and the last ones of you two. Ahhhh precious :-)

Tracey said...


Kerry said...

That first picture is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it, that better be in a frame!!
Enjoy that love now, she'll be in highschool soon enough ;)