Monday, October 14, 2013

My October baby and my mom

So, fall break is over. How dumb is that?

But it was a great week, and I shan't complain....(I'm totally complaining in my mind)

I have lots of stuff to share, and I've been contemplating about what my tens of readers would like to read first, and I've opted for what I think was the best part of the week. 

On Saturday I made us get all gussied up....

Because we were celebrating these two special birthdays.

And I know that my mom was just thrilled to have a Patriots birthday party.

But that's the great thing about Neena's, they don't mind when it comes to their grandbabies.

Pierce mixed it up this year and opted for a giant cookie instead of a cake. He's recently decided he's not a fan of cake.

We were all set, and ready to get the party started.

The partygoers were thrilled.

Maybe Camden isn't really the one to ask

And neither are any of these party animals.

But according to Pierce?

It was a great time.

 As he told me later that night

"I'm so happy I could almost cry." Oh that child of mine melts me.

 He's not officially 9 for several more days, but we believe in starting the celebration DAYS ahead, and keeping it up until the big day.

Same goes for my mom.

I'm happy they share a birthday

And I know that Pierce likes it too.

I seriously could go all mushy right now, but I will save it for later.

Thankful for my October baby, thankful for my family.

Just thankful.

Happy ALMOST birthday to my mom and my first born.


toughbananasblog said...

Such a sweet tribute.
Now I really want a cookie.

toughbananasblog said...

Such a sweet tribute.
Now I really want a cookie.

Hillary said...

Awww! Happy Birthday to them both!


Jami said...

So do they have the same birthday? I don't know if I knew that.
I don't blame your mom, I wouldn't want a Patriots party either.

Susie said...

Happy Birthday to the Birthday mom and Pierce!! You are so true about don't mind if you are a Memaw to share your birthday and do what they want. Love the family photo.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I love your around-the-table pictures. I've come to look forward to them like I'm part of your family, too. :-)