Friday, October 18, 2013

Crossing that bridge will always make me smile

I'm trying real hard over here to wrap up all my Indiana stuff, but sometimes it's hard to just lump everything into one last post.

There are all these "little" things that I do while I'm up there, maybe not an entire post worthy, but still things I don't want to forget...

Like being with Jami for her first ever coffee experience.

Or getting asked to babysit while mommy and daddy went out for a few hours.

Or even a tre' quick visit with Tracey and my fly-away hair.

And you know how we always spend, oh I don't know about 98.98% of our time, is centered around some sort of food.

ALWAYS FOOD. (Sorry Nate about letting you stare into the heart of the sun.)

But there was one thing we did that I wanted to elaborate a little more on.

We took the kids over to the Big Four walking bridge...

I know it's pretty much old news to my Indiana peeps now, but I was thinking it was pretty awesome!

At first we got lost in the ghetto, but eventually we found it. (Thanks to Alicia on Twitter!)

Kids thought it was pretty cool to see the river...

But all the walking was just so-so.

Once they spotted the play area, it was over.

THAT is where they wanted to be.

I was really impressed with it all.

As was Paul.

And I had a little discovery...

Since moving away, I have come to appreciate this area we refer to as Kentuckina more. I used to always think Louisville was sorta dumb, I guess because I lived right there by it, but now?

 Now, I think it's pretty cool. Stupid we have to go away from something before we really can appreciate it, but I guess that's just human nature.

Crossing that bridge will always make me smile.


Jaime Mac said...

I haven't been to the walking bridge yet...but I really want to!

Lynne and Nick said...

we love this area, and have done almost every 'tourist' thing. I do find that we really appreciate Pittsburgh when we go back home to visit....just seeing what has changed, and what's the same. :) Have a good weekend!

Susie said...

Glad you enjoyed the bridge!!

Tracey said...

The bridge is awesome!!

And I'm glad I got to see you. :)

Tracey said...

Me again! You have great hair.