Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby love

One of the highlights of our trip up to Indiana, was finally getting to spend some quality with baby Camden. 

None of us had seen him since his dramatic entrance into the world, and that had been a whopping 6 weeks!

He didn't seem all that interested in us...

But trust me, we were interested in him.


She had been dy-ing to get her hands on her "new baby cousin"

 And she is definitely smitten.

 It took a little more convincing to get Pierce to hold him.

Actually it was more like threatening...

I think he was intimidated at the idea.

But as I held Camden different times throughout the weekend, Pierce would randomly come over and check on him and hold his hand. So yeah, he's smitten too.

And Great Aunt G?

Oh yes, I think he's perfect, and I am definitely in love.

But when documenting holding your great nephew for posterity's sake,  for the love of Pete, do not ask your husband to take the pictures....

Because he might make you laugh so hard, that you come unglued during your lovely memory making session.

The end.


Jami said...

Oh, he is precious!

Hillary said...

What a cutie!! He makes my ovaries weep for just one more! :)


Susie said...

How precious!!

Tracey said...

He's a cutie!! :) Love the pics of him with the presh!