Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall break is shaping up pretty great

One of my greatest pleasures about Fall is pumpkins. I mean, who doesn't love a pumpkin! (Did you know there is a whole anti-pumpkin movement? But that's just dumb) PUMPKINS RULE! 

And when you are surrounded by pumpkins you can't help but be overcome with joy!

I mean just look at the JOY on these faces.

Okay, maybe I'm alone in my pumpkin joy. Whateves.

But you know the kids were actually happy, even though they appear as though we just crushed their puppy or something. They were just annoyed at the forced photo-op.

Let me backup for a bit...

My dear friend Jami came to BG for the day, and told me she wanted to go Jackson's. And I was happy to take her there (even though she knew the way there better than I did, because I have a direction disorder that needs therapy) and our sweet Brittany joined up with us.

The weather was perfect and we were set!

I was efficient and packed lunches...

But lunch ended up being ice cream on the concrete, throw that efficiency out the window!

We got that nonsense of eating out of the way first, and got to important stuff! (See Lukey-Bear peaking out the side? Silly boy!)

  Kids got right to it.


And squeal with delight.

Because being a kid rules.

Seriously. It does.

But of all the fun things to do

The best?

Jumping around these hail bales...

Color me confused on why they love it so, but I guess it's like my pumpkin love, some loves just can't be explained.

Right Cam?

Our fun time concluded with pumpkin purchases, of course.

And then it was time for the dreaded forced photo-ops.

And the happiness oozed...

And that's when I broke into dance, IN PUBLIC.

Force the smiles, I say.

Whatever it takes.

But guess what?

They did indeed have a great time.

And me?

The best.

I have great friends who say,  I WILL DRIVE 4 HOURS IN ONE DAY FOR YOU.

Jami and I love to sit around and talk about clothes and just what we would buy if we had unlimited funds. Trust me, we'd be so fierce...

Such a fun day! Fall break is shaping up pretty great.


Susie said...

Fun times!!

Jami said...

Love my trips to BG.

Jessica said...

I know you probably don't want to hear this...but Pierce looks so much older in these last couple of posts. Looks like a great day at Jackson's!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

Looks like so much fun!

Tracey said...

SO FUN!!!! :)