Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Pierce Matthew, as of today you officially nine years old! 

We've been counting down to your birthday since August, you are so excited to be one year closer to the big 1-0.

And me? Well you know your mommy is a big wimp when it comes to you growing up, but I am so thankful for the 9 years we've had together.

This last year I've seen you stretch out more.

There are definite little steps you are making towards independence.

Like wanting mommy to keep her distance in certain situations.

But I get it.

You need to fly.

You are having another great year in school.

I wonder if you know what a blessing it is to us that we don't have to worry about you in school.

Can't always say that about you and Hope though, can I? You guys still fight like cats and dogs at times.

But you love Hope fiercely, and I have watched you protect her with all that you have.

I can say with confidence that your family is still your favorite. You love hanging out with everybody and they make you genuinely happy.

You know one of my favorite things?

That you still ask to snuggle with me every single night.

Let's keep that up throughout year 9, ok?

My dear sweet baby boy, I love you with all that I am.

Happy Birthday.

Love, Mommy

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27


Hillary said...

Happy 9th Birthday Pierce! What an awesome guy you are!


Tracey said...

{Insert snotty nose...}

CRAP, that made me cry. I can't believe the little boy who sat quietly during Bible study and played with a wooden spoon is NINE. That's stupid.

{Left eye cry}

I miss him and Levi together. We love you guys and wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Jessica said...

You are so blessed to have a son like him :) Hope he has a great birthday!!!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Pierce!! You are truly blessed!!

Lynne and Nick said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Pierce. I hope that he has had a great day!

Alicia Mcafee said...

This is a great post!!!

I'm all caught up on the blog. :)

Shew...that wasn't easy! ha!

Jami said...

I agree with T, it's just stupid. I miss that chubby cheek little boy. That adorable little boy has turned into quite the handsome young man.