Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 2014

It was the middle of the night, I was sound asleep, and and suddenly I was awakened...

Hope: Momma, Pierce is being mean to me!

Pierce: Mom, she won't leave me alone!

Hope: Pierce hit me!

Pierce: I didn't hit her, I just pushed her because she won't leave me alone!

Me: Wait. Someone hand me my phone, what time is it? 

Pierce: It's 3:00. 


And that is how our Christmas morning began. 

Thankfully with the threat of canceling Christmas, they did go back to bed, and then wake us up at a decent hour, like 7:30, which meant a civil mom and dad. 

As with every Christmas, we go downstairs first and set things up, and make the kids wait in anticipation before they can come down. I can always hear them upstairs giggling and then eventually they yell, CAN WE COME DOWN YET??

And then finally we give them the go ahead...

There is a reason there's a saying, "as excited as a kid on Christmas morning."

When you become a parent and get to experience excitement through your children?

Really nothing quite like it.

The expressions!

They are just so excited!

I always fret every year that we won't get them enough.

Which of course, it's not about that, but I still fret.

Pierce got lots of Patriots stuff, I-tunes gift cards, and a new Under Armour baseball bag.

And Hope got a little hodge podge of everything.

But one of her favorites from us, was her doll named Sydney Lee. How cute are they in their matching pajama's?

After we finished with our Christmas, we had time to kill before everyone else arrived.

A few games, and umpteen HOW MUCH LONGER?

But finally it was time for dad to read the story from Luke..

And of course, the round' the table photo.

I think it was about this time that I wanted a nap, seeing as I had been awakened at 3:00 AM

But instead I ate some more fudge and got myself psyched for the family showdown.

We always gather downstairs

And then the madness begins! (Don't worry, Paul doesn't plan on chopping my family up)

But it's so fun!

The ooooh's

 The ahhhh's.

And the squeals...

And that was just me!

I know I say it every year, but it was such a great Christmas.

The gifts are fun, the food is great, but I really love being with my family most.

Christmas 2014...

It's a wrap.

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Susie said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!!