Monday, January 12, 2015

The land of cheese and colored lights

Okay, so maybe Christmas wasn't completely in the books, seeing as we still had to travel WAY UP NORTH so we could celebrate with Paul's parents. 

Pam and Tom have lived in Wisconsin for a year now, but we had yet to go visit them. And actually I had never been to Wisconsin, so I was pretty excited to see a new state. 

I've never been a delightful traveler, I moan and complain worse than the children. Especially when the entire state of Illinois is flat and full of wind mills. 

 This was as exciting as it got.

But finally we reached Wisconsin, and it really is a beautiful state. COLD, but beautiful. 

But who cares about the scenery, we were finally reunited with Meemaw and Grandpa!

It had been about four months since we had seen each other, so we were super excited to back together. And the kids wasted NO time and were asking if we could do our Christmas together.

Here's a little fun little factoid about the Bush fam, they do COLORED lights.

This whole colored/white thing has caused a few debates between Paul and I. (That sounds like a marriage from the 1960's) I grew up with colored lights, and I do think they are pretty, but somewhere along the way I decided white lights were for me. But I decided next Christmas we can do some colored ones, because I'm awesome like that.

But back to Christmas. 

We were still celebrating.

And we got some interesting things...

Exhibit A.

And exhibit B.


Yeah, they were full of the jokes, but we had so much fun!

Kids were of course spoiled more than they should be, and our fun WAY UP NORTH, was just beginning.

In the land of cheese and colored lights.

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Susie said...

That was a nice Christmas to get to see in-laws!! I agree with you on the lights. I always grew up with colored but ended up liking the white ones better.