Friday, January 23, 2015

My NYE with a killer cat

So the end of our visit in Wisconsin I was completely useless. I just sat around in pain . LOTS AND LOTS OF PAIN. 

While everyone else was off having fun on New Years Eve, I sat in a chair and hung out with Hoda and Kathie Lee.  Oh and I hung out with the cat Sonny.

He sat in this window by me and we chilled out like homies, that was until he acted like he might kill something.

I'm not super versed in cats, so his moaning began to FREAK ME OUT. I decided to video him, you know in case he decided I would be his victim. At least everyone would know how I went out of the world. I finally started to text Paul and he came to my rescue, turns out Sonny saw a tomcat outside and just wanted to defend his territory. Seriously cats, you scare me. 

I hate that I ended our visit feeling bad, but it still was such a great time together.

Pam and Tom have taught me that where you live doesn't mean if you are close are not. It really is in the heart.

So until we meet again....


Susie said...

Sorry you didn't feel good on NYE. I would have been freighted too!! You never know what it was seeing.

Jaime Mac said...

UHM, MY cats name is Sonny too! (I wanted to name him Sunflower but that just didn't seem fair - I shortened it to Sonny instead.)
ANYWHO - those noises he's making - it IS super scary. One night my Sonny got in a fight w/ a stray that came up & they were both making those noises. Lord it was scary!
My favorite is you going, "Hey kitty..." HA!
Hope you're feeling better now! :)