Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Eve, 2014

After we celebrated Cody Bear, there were a few days before Christmas Eve. But these wouldn't be days of leisure, we had to finish Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, and help mom with stuff in the kitchen. 

So yeah, we were busy. 

 But that didn't stop us from enjoying the days.

The kids were wild monkeys...


But finally Christmas Eve was here, and we awoke and went and met our friends for our annual Christmas Eve breakfast.

Jami and I think it's time we branch out.

Next year, maybe Panera? Maybe Cracker Barrel? SKY'S THE LIMIT!

Later in the day I asked the kids to get dressed an let me take a few pictures.

Um, Pierce was all kinds of happy about that. And by happy, I mean he wanted to destroy me.

It was really painful, I won't lie and act like OH LOOK AT MY PERFECT BABIES. Nope, he took a couple because I made him, and then he was out.

But this one?

She not only asked for more pictures, she posed.

I'm thankful she still loves all this.

I'm sure some of the agreeability with me, was just her pure excitement. Nothing like the anticipation of Christmas Eve....

The house was beautifully decorated.

My mom has always done a great job at making it festive.

The details are what make it.

Especially for myself when I see things that have been around since I was a child, like this Santa..

And these angels too.

She lights the home up with candles

And I'm a glutton to snap away.

Oh hey! There I am!

It was almost finally time to eat.

The natives were restless.

Mom reads to us about a candle from Bethlehem...

 And then Dad lights it.


After the meal, it's the sweetest part of the day...

The kids settle in to watch movies.

Okay, maybe not just the kids...

 There's the lingering

But eventually the last person heads home.

And we finally get the kids into bed

Because it's showtime.

Just a few more hours....


Tracey said...

That was like a post from Hallmark! Love it :) I am a sucker for candles any time of year, but especially during Christmas.

Jami said...

I agree with T, it's like a movie. But I love it! And I love our breakfast.

Susie said...

The pictures are beautiful!!

Lynne and Nick said...

beautiful pictures! And I spy "it's a Wonderful Life" on in the background in one of the pics! :)