Thursday, January 22, 2015

Going to see the eagles. The birds, not the band.

When I say that we went to see the eagles, do you picture this? 

Well I know I sure did.

Pam and Tom would say "let's go see the eagles!" and an image of four famous rockers would pop in my head. But no, we didn't go see the band, but the actual birds.

Where Pam and Tom live bald eagles migrate down from the North to reach the open waters of the dam so they can feed.

I've only seen a bald eagle at the zoo, never in the wild. Which by the way, the eagles at the zoo are always sad what with their sad little messed up wings.

But here in WI, we had the chance to see them being free and all bald eagle'ish.

You can see we obeyed the rules.

In their defense, the first day we went there were no eagles out.

But second and third trip? HOUSTON, WE HAD EAGLES. People travel from all over and bring the big guns with them to capture these bad boys.

I obviously do not have that caliber of a camera, but we did manage a few good shots.

They are so close that it's pretty amazing.

And probably most amazing was that we saw close to THIRTY at one time.

Just being majestic and all eagle like.

Not gonna lie, pretty cool.


Jaime Mac said...

WOW that IS cool! Eagles are so majestic looking! That would be awesome to see so many!

Jami said...

Maybe the Eagles were before my time but I really did think of Eagles, and in the flying kind, not the band.