Friday, November 20, 2009


Tonight was a night of deliciousness......KANSAI!!!

My best friend took me out for my birthday and it was soooo good. Good food. Good company.

Thanks Tracey for being such a dear friend to me. When I can give you nothing but me, you've said that's enough. When the days have been dark, you've been light. When I need to laugh, you are my relief. You are a dear wonderful person and I'm so glad to call you friend. Love you.


Jami said...

My mouth is watering just thinking of that place.

Tracey said...

Ahh, that is very sweet. YOUR friendship means way more than anything materialistic you could ever give to me. God is awesome and has blessed me with such amazing friends. I'm SO THANKFUL. :) It was a fun night and I was glad we got to go!!! Kansai rocks!