Monday, November 30, 2009

Someone please get me a paper bag....

....because I'm about to hyper-ventilate.

I'm leaving. Getting on a plane. Leaving my babies.

I know, I know, no big deal....just humor me for a minute people.

Pierce is 5, I've been away from him 4 times overnight (not in a row either)

Hope is 2, I've been away from her 1 time overnight.

Paul and I have not traveled. Due to health issues and money issues, we never could.

I don't leave my children overnight, because I don't have the opportunity.

So, now here I am with the opportunity. GULP. I am excited and I am anxious.

Okay, I am done being a baby.

Bring on the beach baby. Bring on sleeping in. Bring on eating without a kid asking for a bite every second. Bring on just getting myself ready. Bring on paying attention to just my husband. Bring on the cabana boys. Bring on a mexican baby, I will name Pedro ;)


Jami said...

Mexican baby named Pedro? What? I hear you, I don't know if I could do it. I get a panic attack just thinking that one day we may have another baby and leaving Cooper while I'm in the hospital. But, you will do good. They have each other and are in good hands. Plus it is in a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tracey said...

You'll do great!! Yes, it will be hard. Yes, you'll think about the kids almost every second. Yes, you'll worry that they need you. Yes, you'll enjoy a drink or two on the beach while the cabana boy asks for a dance and you tell him "no thank you, I'm happily married..." tee hee. YES, you will enjoy yourself and be glad that you went!!!!!!!! It is not silly to be anxious about it. Besides, I'll be there, too and will help you thru it!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Gretchen have a GREAT time! The trip sounds like lots of fun and you both have worked hard and deserve it. The kids will survive, and there is nothing like the excitement on their face when they see you again after you have been gone. HAVE FUN!!!

Hers and His said...

You are hilarious ...