Friday, November 27, 2009

An unexpected night of fun....

Don't you just love unexpected fun?

So, we've been citizens of Charlestown for, em, over 8 years now, and not once have we participated in 'LIGHT UP CHARLESTOWN' .....Tonight I said "hey, let's go watch Charlestown light up, might be fun"......Off we went..... Who knew that so many people want to watch Charlestown light up?? Dang, it was crow-ded....None the less, we had a really good time. We ate goodies (like we need those after inhaling 19,000 calories yesterday) sang Christmas carols, and then watched Charlestown light up, dare I say it??.......'like a Christmas Tree', hee hee.....

Good times.

Headin' into the happening metropolis of C-town.
Got to love a stocking cap.

IT'S OFFICIAL...I will begin to call Paul, 'Rico Suave'


He makes my heart happy.

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Jami said...

I wish I knew you guys went to this, we talked about. I can't wait to drive through town and see all the lights.