Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A veritable Bass Pro catalog

As anyone reads this post, we are on the road to our next destination.

Next stop?

Morbid obesity!

Because I've got two tickets to fatty town, also-known-as, Thanksgiving dinner after I've spent a week doing nothing but majoring in gluttony. Seriously.

But enough about ME, let's talk about the very reason we came to Michigan. DEER.

If dead deer, or guns bother you, turn away now, cause I'm about to bombard your eyes like a veritable Bass Pro catalog.

Guess you had a successful hunt?

That's right he did! THREE deer in total.

Which means that we will have enough meat to feed us for an entire year!

So as far as coming up for a successful hunting trip? He got it.

But other than hunting, we come up here to see our family, because we do not see them nearly enough. Especially Paul's beloved grandma, or as a correct Michigan-er would say, Gramma.

Four generations of Bush's right here.

And like any good red-neck, we always bring guns to shoot.

And it's pretty cool to know your man is not girl, and knows how to use a gun. I really love this picture of him. Hawt!

The boys break out in BIG smiles whenever guns are involved.

And Pierce shot a pistol for the first time

And it's safe to say that he's got a natural talent!

But we are an equal-opportunity red neck family.

Because even girls should know how to use a gun.

I may have screamed a time or two  like a little girl, but I actually enjoyed it.

You see, it's fun being with a family that's different from yours. You try things you probably never would, and your experiences are new, and exciting. While we are here, my kids act differently. They spend less time in front of a screen, and more time doing things with their hands. They all, even Hope, get involved with the deer,and it honestly makes them happy. I may be city, but I appreciate and love it here. And I know that the children love it with all their hearts. They can run and be free, and just be children.

So, I'm thankful to my family for these memories.

I love the Bush's.

We are on the road to the blessed Hoosier state and I probably won't blog for a while.

I have Vampires to swoon over, food to cook, family and friends to see, and fat pants to be worn. Have a great Thanksgiving my bloggy people!


Alicia Mcafee said...

Great post, as always!! Love all the deer. Funny that they always want their picture taken holding the antlers. I always remember that growing up with my dad and my brothers.

Susie said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Hillary said...

Awww... So fun!! We're a hunting (and fatty food devouring) family too! :) Does your hubby get Bass Pro Shop catalogs in the mail and do you dump them in the trash before he gets home like I do?? :)Hope y'all have a fun and safe trip!


Jaime Mac said...

So glad Rico had a successful trip to kill stuff.
And you & Hope with guns? Scary & hilarious ALL at the same time!

Jami said...

The first picture of you with the gun is hilarous, dress and boots, classy!

The second one is awesome, I love it!!

Glad for a good week, I'm sure it was nice to remove yourself from all things wordly for a week.

I get to see you tomorrow!!!

Jill said...

Three deer? That's pretty awesome! Looks like it's been a great trip for you guys! :)