Thursday, November 8, 2012

Harvey THE Hippo

Oh teachers.

 How I love you! 

You take care of my babies all day long, help mold their little brains, and have more creative energy in your pinkies than I do in my entire body. BUT...

Oh teachers.

Sometimes, you come up with ideas that make parents cringe. 

And I be speakin' bout' Mr. Harvey THE Hippo. 

And I be speakin' the truth! Because all the parents agree, when we see our kid was picked to take  Harvey home, a part of us dies. (This picture was from the very first day of school. I had to set the  precedent for the rest of the year. NO PRESSURE.) 

Harvey the hippo, is the class mascot.

And Harvey travels every single day. 

He picks out a home, and then the parents are stuck with the job  he comes for the night, and it must be documented.

In preferably funny (this was TOTALLY staged)

And unusual ways.

And sometimes Harvey even takes road trips with the family.

Which, by the way, he totally preferred Indiana over Kentucky. 

And not only does Hope love Harvey, so does Pierce, because they go waaaaay back. 

And while I am fond of the little creature, I just like to complain about the extra work he adds. 

And I also love to complain, that the teachers like to come up with ideas that drive us parents to the verge of alcohol.

I jest.

Sort of.


Tracey said...

Ha! This was soo funny...and true! It is harder on the parents to "perform" and these little tasks can seem quite daunting. Sigh. I love it that Harvey preferred IN to KY. That's funny schtuff rite thare! ;)

Susie said...

That's to funny!! I know I like how teachers come up with ideas they know the children can't do without the parents doing it.

Jami said...

I thought I remembered that hippo, didn't Pierce get to bring him home his first week at school when you first moved?

ginmommy said...

Jami, your memory is impressive! Yes, that's the same dang hippo!

Jill said...

I love it! I did the same thing with Flat Stanley when I taught second grade and he traveled home with the kids. Now that I'm a parent I can TOTALLY see that being some extra work. :/ The kids LOVED it though. :)

Kerry said...

I totally get you on this, my motto is "I did my time at school" lol
Oh but look at how cute Hope and Harvey are together!!
Have fun ;)