Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family pictures.

Since I have a fall babe and spring babe, those are the two times of year I always try and schedule our pictures. And it seems that everyone else has the exact same idea, right Brittany

Brittany could tell you, that fall is a crazy busy time of year for pictures, but thankfully, she could squeeze us in before she headed out to Hawaii. Yipee!

These are just a small portion of what she took, but you know I could NOT wait to show you!

Pierce was a little obstreperous during this session, but you sure can't tell!

I absolutely adore this picture of him! 

And he thought he was tough stuff standing in the middle of the street for this one!

These pictures were mostly for Pierce turning 8, but you know this one could never be left out. 

She loves getting her pictures taken! And there are some others with her striking her infamous poses, which I will have to show you all later!

We decided to do a few that had more of the urban look.

And I am tickled pink!

Brittany, does such a good job.

But this is my favorite, well, because this is just so us. 


Susie said...

You all take great family pictures!! Great pictures!!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella and McKinley said...

Love x 1000. Even Paul looks like he enjoyed it. Haha

Jaime Mac said...

They look great! I can't wait to see the rest!

Jessica said...

You guys look so beautiful/handsome!!!! Thanks for sharing

Jami said...

I love that first picture of Pierce, he looks so big!

Was this the day it was 80 degrees outside and everyone was in their boots and sweaters?

Kerry said...

I love that family pic (I think it was the first one where you are all sitting down).
Such cute pictures!!
Love love love the one of Hope in the leaves and that cute little sly smirk on your handsome sons face!
I cannot for the life of me pronounce that word you used, I don't think I have ever heard it nor used it in my life lol

Tracey said...

Ohmigosh...they are soooo good!!!! I love, love them!! What a perfect little family. ;) Love you guys!

melanie said...

these are awsome! so good of you guys. I love pierces little expressions