Thursday, November 1, 2012

Invading 'pumpkin alley' once again.

After weeks and weeks of counting down the days, the night the kids had been longing for, finally came!!

As soon as the kids got out of school, we changed into our costumes, and headed to 'Pumpkin Alley!'

Thankfully we have connections and can come hang in the hood.

Brittany as long as we live in B.G., you are stuck with us invading your home and surroundings. Hopefully you are okay with that.

The kids were already drugged with sugar from their parties at school, and their energy was off.the.wall.

But we had pictures to take.

We kept threatening the kids to sit and smile, or we wouldn't take them out.

Thankfully they didn't call our bluff.

But eventually the time had come, and we couldn't hold them off any longer.

And this neighborhood is stacked with good houses, and good candy.

And once the kids got one or two houses under their belts, all they did was run....

There was an urgency to get to the next house. 

I mean, what if there is only one piece of candy left?

You just can't take that chance.

You must run.

 And although it was a cold evening, it was an absolutely GORGEOUS night.

I am not lying, pumpkin alley is straight out of a movie. 

People buzzing everywhere, houses decorated all up. I don't really know how to explain it, but there is just something about it.  

And I hope that my children look back on these days, with fondness and appreciation.

Because I know, I certainly will.

A fantastic night.


Hillary said...

How fun!! So is it like a couple of streets that they close off or something??

Happy candy eating :)!


Hillary said...
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Jami said...

This really looks like the happening place to be on Halloween! I love it.

Susie said...

Wow what a fun place to trick or treat!!

Tracey said...

I'm a little sad you didn't wear your Halloween shirt :) and witch's hat! ;)

Looks like so much fun!!!

melanie said...

I love brittney's decorations. Especially the pumpkin on the door. cute idea with batman and robin. Pierce's costume is over the top wow.

Alicia Mcafee said...

Looks like so much fun!! :) What a cool place!

Kerry said...

I want to come to pumpkin alley too!! Boy it does look so fun, the kids must love everything about it! Fantastic costumes on all the kids btw :)