Friday, November 16, 2012

Flashback Friday!

On the eve of my, COUGH COUGH, 38th birthday, let's look back at 27, while it's still technically ten years ago. 

Twenty seven, was a big year for me. Mainly to note, I was engaged one month after this picture was taken. 

And since Paul thought I was swell enough to marry, he must not have minded the short hair, which now he seems to despise.

But I gots to say, what's the only OBVIOUS thing to say.  


And what do you suppose I will think when at 47 I look back at 37?

I'm kicking my feet all the way to 40, but I've decided I should just enjoy it.

I will own 38.


Brittany said...

HOLY SHORT HAIR!! :)))) I'll have to show you my "Rachael" cut sometime:))

Tracey said...

I can't believe your BIRTHDAY is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! :)) I like u with short hair, too!!

Jaime Mac said...

WOW that WAS some short hair. Own 38, girl - you look awesome!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Yes, that WAS short!! Oh my! Funny about Paul! :)

Jami said...

That is some short hair, looks cute though. And I like the highlights too.

melanie said...

Isn't it funny how things were so perfect and wonderful while dating and then bam you marry and the well, you would look better.... starts to come.
I heard marriage is like a bath of hot water. It seems hot till you get in it.
haa ha