Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving, brought to you by my new camera.

You know how when someone has a new baby or a new pet, and they keep wanting to show you pictures of it?  And you know how you politely 'oooooo' and 'ahhhhhh'? You know, right? 

I'm basically that obnoxious person with a new camera. I'm taking far too many pictures, and will show anyone who will oblige me. I can't help it though, I'm just THAT excited about my camera. 

So you can only imagine me with it on Thanksgiving.....

Practicing away. 

Trying to capture my moms table setting...(all the girls get an ornament from Williamsburg, and a tin of her homemade fudge) 

And the food.

All the glorious food!

Hands down, my favorite meal of the year!

And how good does this bird look?

Paul is the MAN.

And he makes a great turkey.

Besides food, there are two other F's that make up Thanksgiving.....

Football of course.

Anywhere you looked, a game was on.

And the last F is of course family.

Honestly, there's no description needed for these pictures.

It's just our family

Doing our family thing. 

All the while I was practicing with my camera settings

On any willing participant

Or any unknowing soul. 

I'll always remember this Thanksgiving as the one with the new camera.

Just as I'll always remember my mother and her gloves. Oh, those gloves.

Thank you mom for our holiday traditions.

And thank you dad for the traditional 'round the table photograph. As much as we moan about it, I think it's pretty awesome.

Thanksgiving 2012, brought to you by the letter F and my new camera.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

You've already got the hang of the camera! The pictures look great!!

Jaime Mac said...

That new camera made the food look that much better! Love all the practice shots!

Jami said...

I love the new camera obsession, how else are you going to learn it? You parents house always looks so cozy for the holidays. I see you moved to the head of the table, aren't you usually on the side?

Susie said...

Great photo!!

Jill said...

YEA for the new camera!!! Love all the pics and trying out the new settings. . .I so just need to take time to do it. Looks like a great trip home! :)

ginmommy said...

Jami, we also celebrated my birthday that day. Birthday peeps get to sit at the ends of the table. :-)

Kerry said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! So glad you're loving your new camera; you took some great pictures there, great memories of a special day :)

Angie said...

If I had a new camera I'd be obsessed too! I say take all the pics you can and don't forget to share. I love looking at posts with lots of pics.

Looks like you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Your Mom's table looked beautiful and I adore the ornament tradition. What a fabulous idea. Your family is just beautiful. Even Mom in those awesome gloves!!!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

Wow. Your moms table. Amazing. ;). I'm lucky to get paper plates out. Loving the camera!!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Those turned out great!! :)