Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I will stop talking about my camera. Eventually.

Cameras anonymous? Anyone know if there is such a thing?

Because I may want to slip in the back door at the next meeting.

Picture after picture. Trying to find that "look" and learn all those blasted settings!

Then picking the brain of my super-smart, photog friend, who schooled me hard. Especially on the importance of the correct lens.

Exhibit A) G's lens

Exhibit B) B's lens.

Huge difference, right?

And eventually I will get there. All in due time.

But what kind of obnoxious mother would I be, if I did not practice on my own offspring?

Pierce will amuse me, here-and-there (that's not a cig hanging out of his mouth, it's string cheese)

But the one who LOVES to practice for me?

Our very own one-girl show!

She loves the attention!

I mean just look at that face?

All an act.

And I love it.

Okay, off to go look up support groups....


Alicia Mcafee said...

You do have some cute, cute subjects to photograph! Snap away!!

Tracey said...

Loving your new camera!!! :) I like Pierce with a cig...

Jaime Mac said...

Hope makes me laugh. I'm glad you're enjoying your hair payoff. And yes, B's right - the lens is where it's at...(which is also where most the moolah is too!)

Hillary said...

Girl, if my camera wasn't a POS I would be doing the same post too!


Susie said...

Loving the pictures!!

Jami said...

I love Hope's antics. You do have some cute subjects.

Jill said...

Cuties!!! How fun. I'm seriously thinking about taking a photography class in January. That way it will make me find the time to figure it all out. You are doing great with it! :)