Monday, November 5, 2012

Chip sticks, for the win!

I know we are past Halloween, and moving onto bigger and better things (CHRISTMAS) but I just had to share about helping with Hope's fall party. 

I sort of feel like an old pro with the room mom thing, but this was a first time for helping at one of Hope's parties. And she was just so happy about it all. 

Understandably so. Lots of treats to be had.....

And a simple warm-up to what the night ahead was going to be like.

The teacher asked me to think of a game idea, and Brittany gave me the idea of the chopstick, candy corn game.

Object: The child that can pick up the most candy corn with the chopsticks wins! (Or as I texted back and forth with Hope's teacher about game ideas and kept spelling it "chip sticks" every.single.time, and making a super-grand impression, I'm sure.)

But everyone thought it was a really cute game, and the kids had fun, so CHIP STICKS, FTW!

After games and such, the kids began their junk indulgence, and then we got to bust out and head home for the real fun.

When I saw this picture, and noticed my hand almost takes up her entire stomach, I was reminded of how small she still is.  TEAR.

A sweet, sweet time, with one of my sweet, sweet babes.

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Susie said...

What a fun time!! Great picture of the two of you!!