Monday, September 3, 2012

A history lesson from G & T

A little fact about Tracey and I, we chat on the phone every morning and night, and of course text throughout the day as well. In our old lady conversations we cover a range of topics, and last night was a history lesson of sorts.

G: "So, what are you doing tomorrow for Labor Day?"

T: "I guess not much since Maggie is sick."

G:"I don't even know what Labor Day is all about. Is it about wars and stuff?"

T: "Yeah it is."

G: "No, that's not right. That's Memorial Day."

T: "Oh yeah. Labor Day is about us laboring, you know us white collar folk."

G: "You consider yourself white collar? Like executives on Wall Street?"

T: "Oh yeah, I mean it's for us common man. Laboring and stuff..."

So, there you have it. The results of my private education and Tracey's, knife you in the gut after you drop your kid off at the school daycare, education. (JEFF)

So, we may be ignorant about the whole holiday, but I do know that the kids are off a day from school, and employees are SUPPOSED to get the day off. 

Though most people are off of work today, Paul got up and went in anyways, because he's driven like that. But the kids and I had a rainy day ahead to make the most of, so we loaded up and headed to Brittany's for a little play date. 

Rainy day outside=a picnic inside. 

And please let me share a few items about hanging out with people from Kentucky.

1) They serve you Ski soda, that is made right here in Keeeen-tucky!

2) They corrupt young minds with their UK propaganda. 

3)  And they let their children run around bare bottomed. (In their defense he is potty training :))

Of course, I jest, well other than the KY propaganda. That's just the devil's work is what THAT is. 

But check it out, we whipped out the TWISTER! 

My poor old lady, I wear a jack because I'm cold body, only lasted a very short time. 

Brittany gave it a go as well...

But this game is meant for the young pliable people. 

We ended our time together with a mean game of Candy Land...

Fun day off, spent with our dear Keeeeen-tucky friends!

And although I am an ignorant about the whole Labor Day meaning, I sure am thankful for my Rico who labors away for his family. 


Tracey said...

OH MY STARS...I was seriously laughing so hard reading our convo that I started crying! I think you need to start a separate blog that just shares our texts and phone convos! ;)

Cute twister pics. Hilarious! And a really cute pic of you and Rico.

Susie said...

What a nice relaxing & fun day!

Jaime Mac said...

You & t need your own show. two make me laugh OUT LOUD!
And I have no value what labor day is about either. I'm just happy to have a day during the week that I DON'T have to go to work.

Jami said...

You guys are awesome! I really don't get Labor Day either, maybe cause I can't remember Steve ever getting it off.

Angie said...

Okay I live in KY and I have NEVER heard of Ski Soda. I'm gonna have to check that out. OMG, my son is always bare bottomed, that is hillarious!!!

Arthur Family said...

I'm with Angie...what is ski soda? You and Tracey need to write a book!

KERRY said...

We too have Labour Day and I have no clue what it's for either :)
You are brave playing Twister!! The kids would have loved that, seeing you all tangled up lol