Thursday, September 20, 2012

What are TOMS?

So, my blogging and IRL friend, JaimeMac asked me what are TOMS?

Even though she also said, since it isn't a purse she probably really doesn't care. But she did ask, so I shall share. 

Not like I'm a TOMS expert or something. Actually I'm slow to get on the bandwagon, everyone is wearing them here, and I JUST got my first pair. 

It was Brittany who first showed them to me, and I thought they were ugly! But just like the colored denim trend I'm fighting every step of the way, I'm sure I will eventually come around just like I have to the TOMS.


One of their things is that for every pair of TOMS purchased, they will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. 

I for one, have no clue if that is how it actually works?

And to be really honest, that's not why I bought a pair.

I was interested in finding a pair of cute, comfortable shoes.

So, I stole some pictures off their website.....

Is that considered like an internet crime or something?

If it is, please don't report me.

Oh, and the sparkle TOMS?


And may I just say, these are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever put on my feet!

I'm in love with my TOMS!


Jaime Mac said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Now I'm mad I asked bc it gave you another post... sigh.

Yes, those are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen. Wow. But I'm glad they're comfy. :)

Susie said...

My daughter and granddaughter loves their Toms too.

Lynne and Nick said...

Most people either love or hate TOMS......I'm personally in the LOVE camp. :) I have 4 pairs.....and they are the most comfortable shoes ever!!

Jami said...

They aren't the cutest shoes ever, but they have really grown on me. If they are anywhere near as comfortable as my Sketcher knock-off's than sign me up.

Amanda Brady said...

Definitely not the ugliest shoes I have ever seen.....that award goes to the crocs. I hate those things!

Alicia Mcafee said...

I am with Amanda. I thinks Crocs are the ugliest! I'll admit when I saw my first pair of Toms, I thought, "Wow, those are ugly." However, I LOVE my Toms now!!! :) :) You're feet will love them too! :)

Tracey said...

Sigh. I was holding out until you said comfy! ;)