Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Oreos. Take two.

Friday night, and time for the second baseball game of the Oreo Orioles season. We were both pumped, and I was ready to cheer him on in my, I'M AN OBNOXIOUS MOM SHIRT. 

Pierce appears to be miserable and less than thrilled, but he actually thinks he's, OH SO FUNNY, pulling this stunt. 

But of course, I eventually get what I want.

We hauled it on down to the field, where sadly, it was raining AGAIN.

But thankfully it cleared off and we were good to go. Pierce was pumped to have the chance to be the third baseman.

The pressure got to him a little at first...

But he eventually eased up and got in the swing of things.

Which included digging at the backside.

When it was time for him to bat, I was determined to hold it together and get a good picture.

And though I was screaming, I got it! 

And woot he got a score!

After the exhilaration of playing third base, and running a score, he was OBVIOUSLY bummed to then have to play in the outfield.

It was as though, he wasn't even slightly trying to hide it.

He wanted to makes sure I saw his disdain.


But you know who is not bored at all?

Sass pants already has a crew, and she LOVES going to the games so they can hang. 

Last time up to bat, and it was an AWESOME hit.

And this time the Orioles left with the WIN!

 We are only two games in, but this is fun! Pierce is really enjoying it, and Paul and I are so enjoying watching him.


Susie said...

So glad to see that he is enjoying playing!!

Jami said...

I love your shirt! That picture of Pierce laying on your shoulder is a-dorable!

21-8? Dang! They sure did win.

Jaime Mac said...

Maybe Rico should take the batting pics so you can scream?