Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another glorious, kid-centered weekend.

Oh, the weekend. 

The glorious weekends. 

And this weekend, like most every weekend, was centered around kid activities. Amid resting here and there, and planning for a very busy, and exciting month ahead. 

But the weekend at hand. We had two ballgames and a school festival that we needed to rock. 

Or as Hope sweetly calls it, "the festibal." 

As soon as the jumped in the car Friday afternoon, I was bombarded with, "can we go to the festibal? PLEASE!!!" 

We had about an hour we could spare before the game, so we took some very happy kids to their festibal...

My children are so different in so many ways, and I just love that about them...

One way they are different is in their social skills. Pierce is quiet, and on the shy side. 

And then there is Hope...

She was walking around like she owned the school, waving and yelling at people, and would have honestly left me in the dust.

Thankfully Pierce still had time for me.

It was so fun to watch them in their environment.

They are both thriving at school...

And I've actually come to love their school. (I can't believe I said that)

But sadly for one 5 year old, the party had to end.

And when I saw this face I knew what was coming...


Never fear...

All was restored.

And we were ready to cheer on our boy. 

We have SO enjoyed this fall ball thing.

And most importantly, Pierce has so enjoyed it. 

I'm not lying, he has tried SO HARD.

Every time he finishes a play he looks at his coaches for affirmation and then to Paul and I. If it wasn't unbecoming to blubber in public, I totally would. Well, because I'm ridiculous about my kids, and because I'm so proud of him.

After the game, the coach gave the game ball to Pierce for his efforts and in his words..

"This ball goes to a player that never complains and always does what he is told and gives his all. You all could take some lessons from him. It goes to Pierce."

A button or two may have been burst.

Thankful for his heart! (Er, good job on not noticing the eyes closed mom!)

Grandparents, I leave you with two more videos. (One I videoed and one Paul videoed. You will *NEVER* be able to tell which one is me!)

Thankful for another glorious, kid-centered weekend.


Jami said...

I love it that they play under the lights. How fun is that!
How sweet that he got the game ball. Love it.

Susie said...

What a fun weekend!! Yeah for Pierce on getting the game ball!!

Tracey said...

How awesome of Pierce to get the game ball! :)
And, I love a pic of Hopie crying. Presh!!
11 more days... WOOT!

Jaime Mac said...

Poor Hope had to leave the Festibal. You guys are so mean....

LOVE the videos & good for Pierce for getting that game ball! Glad he's enjoying it!

Alicia Mcafee said...

That's neat about Pierce!! Way to go!!!

melanie said...

great weekend. such a proud mama as you should be